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Spinal Decompression Machine

Spinal decompression is a table machine that mechanically treats disc bulges and herniation, disc degeneration, sciatica, spinal stenosis/arthritis and facet syndrome. The machine uses a computerized control that allows Dr. Siwa and Dr. Boylan to customize and enters the treatment plan for the people of Omaha. Non surgical spinal decompression is set uniquely to each individual to the tolerance of each person. Negative inter-discal pressure is applied, which allows the herniated disks to be restored to their natural state.

The treatment is different for each person with relief is usually experienced after 6 treatments. A follow up study on the outcomes of decompression therapy found that, 71% of patients showed more than a 50% reduction in pain immediately after treatment, and 86% showed a 50% or better pain reduction at four years. After four years, 52% of respondents reported a pain level of zero. (Anesthesiology News, March 2003)

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