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New Patients

Your First Visit

Step One:

All new patients are requested to fill out the new patient questionnaire as completely as possible.  

Step Two:

A one-on-one consultation with one of the doctors will be acoomplished to discuss your health concerns and goals.

A comprehensive chiropractic examination and evaluation will be performed to determine the cause of your problem.  Examination procedures will include: Orthopedic testing, Neurological evaluation, Palpation, Postural analysis, and specific X-rays if needed.

Step Three:

If you and the doctor determine that you do in fact have a chiropractic problem, and you are accepted as a patient, a report of findings will be performed to discuss 1. What's wrong. 2. What can be done to help your condition. 3.How long it will take. 4. How much it will cost.

At Northwest Chiropractic, nothing is left to chance. We want YOU to be the BEST YOU possible. 


Initial Questionnaire

Omaha Chiropractor | New Patients. Dr. Tom Siwa and Dr. Sayler Boylan is a Omaha Chiropractor.